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Thakur Polytechnic Alumni Association(TPAA)

Thakur Polytechnic Alumni Association provides an opportunity for the better interaction and networking among students of previous batches and the current batches. It also provides a platform for interaction between alumni & staff members of the institute. Alumni reflect the image of the institute in the global market. TPAA feels proud to announce that our alumni have achieved success in their endeavors & reached the highest position in various fields.

So, to be a member of TPAA, you need to

  • Visit the college website and get yourself registered.
  • Submit one passport size photograph and then see yourself as a member of TPAA on the website.


1. What is TPAA?
Ans:Thakur Polytechnic Alumni Association, mainly formed to keep the students in touch with each other, for the welfare of the students.

2.What are benefits of joining TPAA?
Ans:Job and business opportunities.

3.Why should one enroll?
Ans:To be in touch with friends & staff members to help yourself and others.

4.Who can enroll?
Ans:As an ex-student of THAKUR POLYTECHNIC, you can enroll and be a member of TPAA.

5.Membership Fees?
Ans:Nominal amount of Rs.200/- per member (subject to change).

6.Where does the money go?
Ans:A part of money is spend for the expenses of get together function, while rest is spend on development of TPAA such as developing website, telephone calls, maintaining records, conducting events, etc.

Alumni Registration Form

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Zagdu Singh Charitable Trust's
Thakur Polytechnic,
Thakur Complex,West to Western Express Highway,
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