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What is Accreditation?

Literally Accreditation means Recognition and gaurantee of minimum quality.

For the NBA it means: A process of quality assurance, giving credit where it is due for some clearly visible and demonstrable strategies of academic activities and objectives of the institutions, known to be honestly pursued and efficiently achieved by the resources currently available with a potential for continuous improvement in quality for effective growth.

How was the NBA Constituted?

National Board of Accreditation (NBA) was constituted by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), as an Autonomous Body, under Section 10(u) of the AICTE Act,1987

"To periodically conduct evaluation of technical Institutions or Programmes on the basis of guidelines, Norms and Standards specified by it and to make recommendations to it, AICTE or to the Council, or to the Commission or to the other bodies, regarding recognition or de-recognition of the institution or programme."

Why should institutions go for Accreditation by NBA?

If your institution and your programmes are accredited by NBA, you will

  • be able to identify your programmes with excellence in technical education.
  • be assured of conformity to good practices and bench marks of global requirements...
  • be able to rate your programmes on a national platform to attract better student intake.
  • be able to appraise yourself of your own facilities, faculty vis-a-vis performance.
  • be a satisfied vendor of human capital to world-class employesr and other stake holders.

What does Accreditation signify?

Accreditation signifies different things to different stake holders

  • for the parents, it signifies tha their child goes through a teaching-learning environment as per accepted good practices.
  • for the students, it signifies that he has entered the portals of an institutions, which has the essential and desirable features of Quality Professional Education.
  • for the employers, it signifies that the students passing out has competence based on well grounded technical inputs.
  • for the institution, it signifies its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for future growth.
  • for the industry and infrastructure providers it signifies, identification of quality of institutional capabilities and Skills & Knowledge.
  • for the country, it signifies confidence in the Suitability for sustaining stockpiles of market sensitive human capital and a pragmatic national development perspective.
  • for the alumni, it signifies attachment through the pride of passing out with credentials.

Our Institute has been awarded as the accreditated Institute by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for the following courses,

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engg.
  • Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.
  • Diploma in Computer Engineering
  • Diploma in Information Technology

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